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The Leading Thai Agricultural Company

Chia Tai Co., Ltd. has been in the agricultural business since 1921. We consist of three main businesses: seed business, fertilizer business, and plant protection business. We adhere to product quality and integrity for our partners. We also focus on research and product development, and select only high quality products from the world leading manufacturers for distribution. Chia Tai has become one of the leading agricultural companies in Thailand and continuously expands into the overseas market.

Chia Tai also supplies irrigation systems, greenhouses, and equipment as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, we employ a large group of agronomists as our technical staff, who act as an extension service to transfer cultivation technology to regional farmers and entrepreneurs.


Chia Tai is committed to develop and transfer innovation to create growth in the agricultural
sector, and to continuously increase the satisfaction of our stakeholders.


Chia Tai innovates, expands knowledge, and improves core competencies to maximize the benefits for the agribusiness overall, our partners, and employees by adhering to social and environmental responsibilities.

Business Group

  • Chia Tai Co., Ltd.
    Imports, produces, and distributes seeds, fertilizer, and Plant protection products
  • Southeast Agricultural Co., Ltd.
    Distributes fertilizer and Plant protection products
  • Chia Tai Seed Co., Ltd.
    Imports and exports seeds
  • Chia Tai Cultivation Technology Co., Ltd.
    Distributes greenhouses, greenhouse equipment, agricultural equipment and provides investment consulting services
  • Chia Tai Produce Co., Ltd.
    Produces and distributes fresh fruits and vegetables, and seeds for home gardening