Chia Tai Wins Dual Victory at APEA 2023, Affirming Global Recognition for Advancing Thai Agriculture and Ensuring Food Security

Bangkok, 28 August 2023 – Highlighting a century of exceptional leadership in the Thai agricultural sector, Chia Tai Company Limited, Thailand’s leading innovative agricultural company, obtains two awards at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2023 (APEA 2023). These prestigious accolades, bestowed upon outstanding executives and organizations displaying remarkable entrepreneurial mastery in the Asia Pacific region, underscore Chia Tai's unique performance and enduring contributions. In recognition of these achievements, Mr. Manas Chiaravanond, Chief Executive Officer of Chia Tai Company Limited, garners the esteemed Master Entrepreneur Award, while Mr. Prawin Khurowat, Chief Financial Officer, proudly stands as the company’s representative in receiving the Inspirational Brand Award in Agricultural Industry Category. The award presentation ceremony has recently been hosted at Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse.


These two awards praise Chia Tai's success in strengthening Thai agricultural potential. Mr. Manas Chiaravanond is honored with the Master Entrepreneur Award in the Agricultural Industry Category for his dedication as an outstanding leader for entrepreneurs, executives, and employees. As a pivotal driving force in the advancement of Thai agriculture for over 44 years and a keyman behind Chia Tai's evolution into the modern era, he has steered the company's trajectory as a Solution Provider, offering farmers streamlined and effective agricultural solutions. His visionary perspective, rooted in the belief that knowledge, technology, and innovation are important factors to elevate Thai agriculture, has profoundly shaped the company's goals and purpose which are centered on the commitment to enhancing people’s quality of life on a sustainable basis by fostering agricultural innovations through quality products and services.


Additionally, Chia Tai wins the Inspirational Brand Award in Agricultural Industry Category, which is testament to the company's unwavering commitment to the progressive advancement of the agricultural sector. This dedication is driven by a resolute ambition to usher in a new era of smart farming, poised to redefine Thai agriculture. In essence, this transformative vision seeks to enhance cultivation efficiency for farmers, foster career stability, and nurture a robust foundation for sustainable food security. The success is rooted in a strategic business approach based on multifaceted value creation for stakeholders. This strategy spans diverse domains, encompassing the research and development of plant species to provide farmers with high-quality seeds, along with meticulous formulation of premium fertilizers tailored to the varying demands of rice fields, field crops, and horticultural crops. Complementing these efforts are initiatives to provide farmers with plant protection products, accompanied by comprehensive guidance on their proper and secure application. Further propelling this success is the integration of state-of-the-art agricultural technologies, such as drones and smart greenhouses, to empower farmers with amplified potential. Besides, Chia Tai has endeavored to optimize the value of agricultural products, facilitating their direct journey from farms to outlets specializing in fresh produce and healthy food. Beyond providing products and services aimed at elevating the Thai agricultural sector, Chia Tai places importance on cultivating secure agriculture and sustainable development. This commitment is underscored by the company's proactive engagement in social and environmental initiatives, forging collaborations for mutual benefits of all sectors involved.

28 Aug 2023