Chia Tai Committed to Sustainability for Thais Through Agricultural and Social Development

       Bangkok, 13 January 2021 – Chai Tai Company Limited, Thailand’s leading innovative agricultural company that has grown alongside Thai farmers for a long time, is firmly committed to driving sustainable development for Thai society by promoting people’s quality of life and enhancing children’s development in a bid to ensure food security and uplift people’s living quality on a sustainable basis.


       Chia Tai has recently supported “Hom Doi Klai Nao Year 2 Project” organized by E Jan in collaboration with Phetkasem Foundation to develop 3 border patrol police schools in Mae Sariang District, Mae Hong Son Province, including Ban Joprakee, Ban Pomue and Ban Koprae Border Patrol Police Schools. In this regard, Chia Tai donates home garden vegetable seeds which are suitable for planting in highland climate for the local people. This contribution is aimed at building food security, providing source of nutrients to the local people, and responding to the project’s objective of building a food bank for children in remote areas to ensure that they have fresh, clean, and safe food to consume all year long.


       In addition, Chia Tai has recently welcomed the new year by supporting home garden vegetable seeds and essential items to various organizations, for example Phrakhanong Distrct Office, Chatuchak Youth Center, University’s Volunteer Club, as well as other private organizations that host social contribution projects for children and the needy, and so on. The effort is made to encourage children to learn about how to plant vegetables and get enough nutrients from fresh, clean, and safe vegetables that they plant by themselves, as well as to nurture close and loving relationships among family and community members, and, most importantly, to ensure long-term food security. The seeds that Chia Tai has contributed consist of Chinese Kale, Chinese Convolvulus, Holy Basil, Sweet Basil, Celery, Hot Pepper, Round Eggplant, Yard Long Bean, Hongtae Pak Choy and Chinese Cabbage.


       Besides, Rabbit Brand Fertilizer by Chia Tai, has recently joined forces with farmers in Ban Nonghin and Kitkasetkit Store in Amnat Charoen province to donate blankets to people in 16 villages from 3 subdistricts comfortable to give them warmth in the cold weather. Mr. Prasert Kotanont, Assistant Village Headman of Ban Nonghin, represents the village people in receiving the blankets. The support is testament to Chia Tai’s dedication to stand side by side with and give moral support to Thai people in all situations.


       Chia Tai is committed to bringing continuous advancement to the Thai agriculture, while focusing largely on social and environmental development. Therefore, the company has been promoting and supporting a myriad of social contribution initiatives in accordance with the company’s devotion to the uplift of people’s quality of life on a sustainable basis through delivering innovative and high-quality agricultural products and services so that Chia Tai eventually grows together with Thai people and society for always.  

13 Jan 2021