Chia Tai Unveils Spectacular Chia Tai Farm Fair Fun Fair 2023 @ Suwan Farm Presenting Delightful Experience of Smart Farming

Bangkok, 17 July 2023 – Chia Tai Company Limited, Thailand’s leading innovative agricultural company, proudly presents Chia Tai Farm Fair Fun Fair 2023 @ Suwan Farm. Building on the success of its cash crop cultivation test plots at the National Corn and Sorghum Research Center, this fascinating event exemplifies Chia Tai's unrivaled leadership across the entire agricultural spectrum, including upstream, midstream, and downstream. At this event, the company presents a magnificent showcase of over 107 quality plant species, including the introduction of the latest plant varieties, while also organizing product booths featuring an assortment of popular agricultural products. Open to all smart farming enthusiasts, the event welcomes the public to expand their knowledge in the cultivation fields, explore the cutting-edge innovations in agriculture, as well as experiencing the thrilling flying show of unmanned agricultural drones. Chia Tai Farm Fair Fun Fair 2023 is hosted at Suwan Farm, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, during 14 – 16 July 2023.


Chia Tai organizes this event with an aim to highlight the significance of agriculture and provide the public with the opportunity to explore innovative farming methods. Through this engaging agricultural festival, Chia Tai seeks to educate everyone, particularly the younger generation, about how cultivation works as well as the origins of high-quality food. By showcasing captivating agricultural solutions, the event demonstrates the integration of cutting-edge technology that offers smarter and more convenient solutions for agricultural practices. Furthermore, visitors can take a tour and gain insights into the agricultural way of life in the vibrant vegetable and fruit fields presented by Chia Tai Seed and Chia Tai Home Garden. Over 107 exceptional varieties have been carefully selected for display with a special focus on highlighted plant species as follows:


Known for its extraordinary size and delectable taste, "Sonya Max" Watermelon is an exceptional new watermelon variety from Chia Tai that boasts a robust plant structure and a remarkably short harvest time of merely 62 - 65 days. The fruits it yields are impressively large, averaging a weight of 4.5 - 5.5 kilograms per fruit. With its extended shelf life, this variety meets the demands of the market, offering a delightful combination of sweetness, crispness, and firm texture. Besides, the flesh is particularly delicious, making it a preferred choice for consumers.


"Macarther 90" Cucumber is widely recognized as one of the strongest cucumber varieties available. It produces abundant, green cucumbers with a quick harvesting period. The plants exhibit a healthy and substantial structure with resistance to various weather conditions. They are well-branched and highly fruitful, yielding an impressive 6 - 7 tons per rai. The cucumber has a beautiful cylindrical shape and a dark green color that appeals to both farmers and consumers. Along with its rapid harvest time, this variety enjoys significant demand in the market, thanks to its firm and crisp texture as well as small seeds.


In addition, Chia Tai offers visitors an opportunity to witness exciting demonstrations of unmanned agricultural drone flights, organized by FarmInno (Thailand), the agricultural technology solution brand under Chia Tai. Taking place four times a day, the demonstrations showcase the impressive precision of drone-based sowing and spraying techniques which not only save time and labor, but also significantly enhance the overall efficiency of cultivation. Plus, the event features a range of agricultural product booths to offer a delightful experience for visitors, including Chia Tai Home Garden Booth which presents a diverse selection of vegetable and flower seeds, as well as planting materials and equipment; Rabbit Brand Fertilizer Booth; Chia Tai Plant Protection Booth; along with Chia Tai Farm Booth which offers refreshing melon smoothies and fresh melons, tantalizing visitors' taste buds. These diverse offerings aim to create a fulfilling experience at Chia Tai Farm Fair Fun Fair 2023 @ Suwan Farm, where agricultural knowledge is presented in an enjoyable and engaging manner so that everyone can intimately experience the world of smart agriculture firsthand.

17 Jul 2023