Chia Tai Collaborates with Key Partners to Launch “RabAdapt” Collection Aiming to Upcycle Fertilizer Sacks into Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle Products

Bangkok, 24 September 2021 – Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, each and every one in the society needs to power up to overcome the pandemic situation. Chia Tai Company Limited, Thailand's leading innovative agricultural company, thus initiates the first-ever collaboration with WISHULADA brand by renowned social activist artist Wishulada Panthanuvong, a group of professional bag makers, and Pankan Shops by Yuvabadhana Foundation to introduce "RabAdapt" Collection, which features a variety of lifestyle bags curated from Rabbit Brand Fertilizer sacks under Sustainable Fertilizer Sacks Project aiming at providing Thai youths and society with much-needed opportunities during this critical moment.


RabAdapt Collection essentially marks the start of the transformation of Rabbit Brand Fertilizer sacks into lifestyle products via the upcycling process, which involves reusing excess materials to produce brand-new products with a focus on the environment and Circular Economy in a bid to benefit people, society, and environment. As a result, these fertilizer sacks are turned with extra value into lifestyle bags in this RabAdapt Collection, which also generates income for a group of professional bag makers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Eventually, the limited-edition products are sold at Pankan Shops by Yuvabadhana Foundation which serve as channel of distribution, and the proceeds will be further provided as scholarships for needy children.


RabAdapt Collection bags are designed for individuals of all ages and genders, featuring modern design components and a square shape to minimize waste, as well as vibrant silk remnants from the production of OTOP goods in Nonthaburi Province. The collection consists of 5 varieties of bags, including a tiny bag, neck pouch, clutch, crossbody, and backpack, each handcrafted one at a time by a group of professional bag makers affected by the COVID-19 circumstance.


Ms. Manunporn Chiaravanond, Assistant Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Chia Tai Company Limited, revealed about the project, “At Chia Tai, we have prioritized sustainable development under the 3P Pillars consisting of Prosperity, People, and Planet, all of which we have attempted to build as corporate culture in order to foster genuine sustainability in business.


Furthermore, at Chia Tai, we strongly adhere to our core values, particularly "Innovation," which fosters an encouraging environment for the creation of new ideas that could potentially fuel new projects and propel the company toward sustainability. This is the impetus for the endeavor to maximize the use of remaining Rabbit Brand Fertilizer sacks.


Coupled with the current circumstances in which everyone is affected by the COVID-19 issue, we looked at the broad picture and decided to launch a social development initiative for sustainability in order to help people, society, and the environment. In this regard, we have received a good collaboration from Ms. Wishulada Panthanuvong, a well-known social activist artist, to help with upcycling the fertilizer sacks, turning them into lifestyle bags with added value. A group of professiona bag makers affected by the COVID-19 situation, as well as Pankan Shops by Yuvabadhana Foundation, have also participated in the initiative. The bag makers assisted in sewing all the bags and earned extra money in return, whereas Pankan Shops, which have 16 locations and are available online, will serve as our distribution channels. All the proceeds will be used to further provide educational opportunities to needy children.”


Ms. Wishulada Panthanuvong, Social Activist Artist and designer of RabAdapt Collection, explained about the design concept and her participation in the project, “Currently, the waste from fashion sector ranks second in the world in terms of environmental impact, as well as plastic waste. I am well aware of the problem, and Chia Tai has approached me to participate in this project, which is akin to my own philosophy of Turning Trash into Treasured Art.


WISHULADA Brand upcycled Rabbit Brand Fertilizer bags and silk remnants from the production of OTOP merchandise in Nonthaburi Province to create art pieces for the RabAdapt Collection. Each bag has a unique patchwork design and is therefore a unique work of art that can also be used in daily life. Additionally, the leftovers of fertilizer bags used to create the collection are utilized to create a rabbit display for showcase, which also helps promote the concept of zero waste, reemphasizing our effort in seeking to minimize waste from production.


WISHULADA Brand believes that art and design that aim to lessen environmental impacts from upstream, midstream, and downstream are critical to resolving the problem of excessive waste and environmental issues. Plus, we genuinely hope that all of the items in this collection will encourage you to begin thinking about how to manage waste in a creative way.”


Mr. Veerapan Chantangpon and Ms. Banchuen Kannikar, representatives of the professional bag maker group, shared about the collaboration, “With over 29 years of experience in the fashion bag industry and as a pattern maker for a leather bag brand, my friends and I are thrilled to be a part of the RabAdapt Collection in the bag-making process using Rabbit Brand Fertilizer sacks. The combination of silk remnants on the bags, which make them appealing in their own way, is our challenge. With distinctive silk patchwork, the bags are one-of-a-kind and unique. We are not only pleased to see the end products of our tireless efforts, but also pleased to be able to increase our income during the COVID-19 situation, which has left the team unemployed. So, in a sense, this is an extra job that boosted our income and helped us get through the pandemic situation.”


Mrs. Thapanee Sinadyodharaks, Director Pankan by Yuvabadhana Foundation, unveiled about the collaboration, “Many Thai young children nowadays do not have the opportunity to receive a good education. Yuvabadhana Foundation has offered educational assistance by granting scholarships and monitoring scholarship recipients until they complete high school or a vocational education program to ensure that they have better chance and choice in life. Currently, Yuvabadhana Foundation oversees 8,269 scholarship recipients around the country.


During the COVID-19 situation, Yuvabadhana Foundation is monitoring these young students more attentively in cooperation with instructors and volunteer mentors using an online platform and telephone conversations. As a result of the move to online learning, some of the money that these children receive now is spent for internet and other required expenses.


This joint endeavor, in which we collaborate with Chia Tai and other partners to repurpose excess materials into stylish bags for the RabAdapt Collection, will help expand educational opportunities for underprivileged youths through Pankan Shops. Hopefully, our project will serve as a good model for other businesses to contribute to the society in creative ways in the future.”


The bags in RabAdapt Collection are available for purchase at 16 Pankan Shops and through online platform at LINE My Shop: pankan online, or For more information, please contact LINE Official: @pankanonline from 24 September 2021 onwards. All the proceeds will be granted as scholarships to Thai youths under Yuvabadhana Foundation. We invite you to join us to offer opportunities to others, brighten the smiles on their face, and contribute to the society together. For more updates on the project, please stay tuned to and Facebook:

24 Sep 2021