FarmInno (Thailand) Welcomes Delegates from AGRICONNECT 2023, Showcasing Innovative Agricultural Technologies

Bangkok, 7 June 2023 – FarmInno (Thailand), an agricultural technology business under Chia Tai Limited Company, Thailand’s leading innovative agricultural company, recently had welcomed over 100 delegates from the AGRICONNECT 2023 conference and exhibition. This international conference was organized by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), VNU Asia Pacific and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. The event took place at Chia Tai Research & Development Station in Kanchanaburi province.


During the conference, FarmInno (Thailand) showcased their smart agricultural technology, which plays a crucial role in advancing Thailand’s agricultural capabilities. They demonstrated several systems within their smart greenhouse, including irrigation, fertilizer control system as well as the evaporation system. Additionally, the event featured live demonstrations of high-performance agricultural drones from 2 renowned brands, DJI and XAG. These demonstrations provided delegates with an opportunity to witness the agricultural solutions in action.


The event underscored Chia Tai’s mission to embrace innovation and technologies to address agricultural challenges with the ultimate goals in strengthening food security and enhancing the quality of life for people in all sectors.

07 Jun 2023