Fresh Produce

Chia Tai supplies fruits and vegetables to customers in Thailand as an integrated chain. This links food production and distribution from ‘the seed to the table’, based on selecting the most suitable growing areas for specific varieties and having farmers grow products according to our specifications and quality standards. We support our growers with up-to-date cultivation technology.

The freshness and good taste of Chia Tai's Morakot melons, Golden Sweet melons, Mini Ball pumpkins, Yellow Sweet tomatoes, including all kinds of quality vegetables and fruits under Chia Tai brand name, is what guarantees our expertise from upstream to downstream.

Our fresh fruits and vegetables, under the Chia Tai brand, are available at leading supermarkets, such as Foodland, Golden Place, UFM Fuji, and CP Fresh Mart in Bangkok and its vicinity. We also distribute our fresh produce at Chia Tai Farm shops in Songsawad, Kanchanaburi, and Pak Chong.